Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Abiding In God's Word

Abiding In God's Word Equips Believers To Recognize Truth
Read 2 John 1:1-13

I've been thinking about the word, Abiding.  I've been thinking so much about it, that I even included the word "Abiding" in the title of this blog.
Cynthia Heald wrote, "When I am abiding, then I no longer have to wonder if I am doing enough.  God's plan is simple: He takes responsibility for my life and service; I take responsibility to maintain my concentration on God.  And when there is nothing between Jesus and me, I can calm and quiet my soul and serve simply and purely in devotion to Christ."  
Holy Smokes, I could talk for days and days on this one statement!  Oh, to become this girl... to get to the place where I no longer wonder if I am doing enough... to trust God so deeply that I truly believe that He takes the responsibility for my life... to be skin to skin with my Savior... to serve simply and purely out of devotion to Christ...  Please, Lord, change me and make me more like you!!!

How can this dream become my reality?  So much of this hinges on one thing that Christ wants me to partake of.  One thing that is the key to this new, abiding freedom.  Do you want to know what it is?  Get ready for it...  You might want to sit down before I tell you... Are you ready?  Here it is........ Drum Roll please.....  GOD'S WORD!

Yes, you read that right.  God's word is the key.  It is through God's word that I become intimately involved with the Creator of the Universe.  It is through God's word that I am transformed into a new creature.  It is through God's word that my soul becomes quiet in service to Jesus.  It is through God's word that I am able to recognize truth.

Believers experience peace as a result of grace and mercy through Jesus Christ
Vs 1-2 John greets the church whom he loves through Jesus, the Truth
Vs 3 Peace, as a result of Grace & Mercy through Jesus Christ
  • How have you experienced peace as a result of Jesus' grace and mercy?

Believers should watch for truth so that they are not deceived by those who: A) Want pre-eminence and B) Have no need for God's word
Vs 4-5 John rejoices that some of them are walking in truth
Vs 6 Jesus is the fulfilled law that they should walk in
Vs 7 Deceivers try tot get believers to leave the faith
Vs 8 Warning to watch themselves and look to God
Vs 9 Those who want pre-eminence do not have God
Vs 9 Those who abide in God's word have God
Vs 10-11 Warning to stay away from the deceivers and not to bless them
  • Who's opinion do you need to stop seeking because this person never spends time in God's word?
  • As a result, how can you be more intentional about abiding in the truth of God's word?

Believers who talk face-to-face experience complete joy
Vs 12-13 John wants to talk face-to-face in complete joy.
  • With whom can you talk face-to-face about what God is teaching you in His true word?

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