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Determined-Dependence Upon God Brings Victory
Read 1 Samuel 6, 7, 8

I have been seeing a nutritional counselor for two months.  Her name is Deborah Pitts and it is an amazing story of how God allowed our two worlds to collide.  I am grateful.

I visited with her on Thursday and was able to process some false belief systems that I have been clenching.  Beliefs that I am embarrassed to admit, but that are key to correcting.  The most insightful belief that came out of our visit was this, "I know what is best regarding my food decisions.  I don't think that God wants to help me lose weight.  I will never be able to lose weight.  I think Jesus Christ wants to make me fat forever...  Essentially, I don't trust Him."

Ugh!  Yes, I just said that... I just admitted this to myself and to whomever reads this website... I just admitted a lie that I have been wearily gripping.  A lie that has consumed my life since I was twelve years old.  The truth of the matter is this:  This belief is ridiculous.  Jesus Christ wants the very best for me.  I am His beloved daughter, whom He died for.  He wants me to live in complete freedom.   He wants me to have victory over defeat.

In 1 Samuel 6 - 8 the Israelite's were wishy-washy in their dependence upon God.  One year they were rejecting Him, twenty years later they would return and a few days after that, they would rejected Him yet again.  The Israelite's wanted an earthly king.  They wanted something "tangible" to trust.

I trust God with my food and then, a few weeks later, start devising a better plan.  I stay focused in prayer, pour out my heart before Him, depend on Him for strength and then I start restricting foods - out of fear.   I am like the Israelite's.  I am wishy-washy in my dependence upon God and I am sick of it.  There is no diet or food plan that will give me the victory that I am searching for.  My trust must be in Jesus Christ.  Deborah taught me something very valuable on Thursday, "I am not called to accomplish - I am called to Surrender."  

This world has nothing good to offer me.  It is time to stop letting my emotions and/or false beliefs dictate my dependence upon Christ.  It is time to take this life (as it is, not as I would have it) and live in determined-dependence on God for my victory.


The Israelite's Reject God
6:1-9  The Philistine return the Ark of the Covenant with a guilt offering.
6:10-16  They put the ark on a cart between two cows and headed toward Beth-Shemesh and build an altar to the Lord.
6:17-18  The Philistines offered a guilt offering and set a stone as a witness
6:19-21  The Lord struck 70 Israelite men dead because they looked at the Ark of the Covenant.  They were not ready to return to God

  • What area of your life are you still trying to control?
  • Where have you been unwilling to return to God?

The Israelite's Return To God And Have Victory
7:1-2  The Ark sat for 20 years
7:3-7  People of Israel were ready to return to God!!!
7:8-11  Israel confessed their sins and God gave them victory over the Philistines
7:12-14  Samuel set up a stone as a monument (Ebeneezer) that God helped Israel overcome the Philistines
7:15-17  Samuel judged Israel for many years and built an altar to the Lord
  • What can you do, today, to return to God?
  • How can you raise a monument (Ebeneezer) as a reminder of how Christ has given you victory over this area of your life?

The Israelite's Reject God and Demand An Earthly king
8:1-3  Samuel became old and put his horrible sons in charge as judges
8:4-9  The Israelite's demand an earthly king
8:10-18  Samuel warns Israel that a king will only "take" from them
8:19-22  They rejected God and wanted an earthly king.  The Lord gives Israel an earthly king. 
  • How can you reject earthly dependence and institute determined-dependence on God for your victory?

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