Monday, May 22, 2017

Obedience Vs Sacrifice

To Obey Is Better Than To Sacrifice
Read 1 Samuel 15

In 1 Samuel 15 Saul was not genuinely repentant for his disobedience.  He wanted to sacrifice (openly) yet disobey God (inwardly).  He wanted the blessing of obedience without obeying.  Samuel quickly reminded Saul, in verse 22 that "... to obey is better than to sacrifice..."

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to please everyone around me.  I would make myself sick over whether or not someone liked me or thought I was kind.  I didn't know it at the time, but I carried this behavior into my relationship with Jesus Christ.

God would prompt my heart to pray for an individual - I would take it a step further and quote them scripture while offering "my opinion" on their situation.

God would ask me to adhere to our family budget - I would feel guilty if I didn't give to someone in need.  So, instead of being honest and telling that person that I was not in a position to give them money, I would place our family in a financial bind.

I volunteered for events, too numerous to remember, and justified my disobedience as important work for the kingdom of God.

God simply wanted my obedience; I felt I had to offer him more.  God wanted me to spend time with Him and I didn't think that was good enough, glorious enough or visible enough.  After all, no one would ever know about my time (alone) with Jesus.

I am learn to surrender to this new found relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is different, yet familiar.   I like this new place of obedience.  I'm safe here.  I'm at peace here.  I'm growing here and I'm learning that obedience is much better than sacrifice.

Chuck Swindoll wrote, "The very best proof of your love is obedience... nothing more, nothing less, nothing else."


God Is King
Vs 1-3  God instructs Saul to destroy the evil Amalekites & all that they have
Vs 4-5  Saul and 210,000 men "lay in wait" for the Amalekites
Vs 6  Saul let the Kenites go because they showed kindness to the Israelites
Vs 7-9  Saul defeated the Amalekites but spared Agag & the best sheep, oxen, calves and lambs

  • How are you giving God partial obedience?

God Demands Obedience
Vs 10-12  The Lord told Samuel what Saul had done - Samuel loved Saul and was broken
Vs 13 - 16  Samuel went to Saul and Saul began lying about the events and blaming the Israelites
Vs 17-19  Samuel asks Saul why he did not obey the Lord and destroy the Amalekite sinners
Vs 20-21  Saul lies to Samuel and takes no responsibility for his actions
Vs 22  Samuel says, "... to obey is better than to sacrifice..."

  • What can you do to give God full obedience? 

God Judges Sin
Vs 23-29  God rejects Saul from being the king
Vs 30-31  Saul wanted to repent as a 'cover-up' - not out of genuine repentance
Vs 32-33  Samuel cut Agag into pieces before the Lord
Vs 34-35  The Lord removed Saul as king because God must judge sin

  • Why do you think it's important to have genuine repentance and obedience?

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