Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Place to Find Salvation

Your Relationship With the King of kings Is The Only Place to Find Salvation

Read 1 Samuel 11 & 12

I know that everyone has a unique battle to fight.  My battle has been with food, dieting, weight loss, body image, etc.  This battle has been a part of my life so long, that it's taking an extra measure of grace to process.  I'm grateful that God is patient with me and that He gently moves me along this path of restoration and freedom.

The battle is real and it's passages like this, found in 1 Samuel 11 & 12, that are gentle reminders of where (or more specifically, whom)  my salvation comes.  I've talked briefly about this in the past, but I'm afraid it's still a battle I fight day in and day out.

For far to long, I have unknowingly been clinging to dieting and weight loss as a means to salvation.  I am not talking about my ultimate salvation.  God took care of that whenever I was 7 years old.  I am talking about salvation from the defeat and fear that I associate with my body and food.  I have given this topic far too much control of my mind, my life, my emotions and my energy.  I have believed that if I lose "X" amount of weight then I would be saved from this horrible body.  I have believed that if I wear size "X" clothing then I would be saved from the horrible thoughts that I have about myself.  I have believed that if I was successful with "X" diet then I would be saved from peoples opinions of me or perceptions of who I am.

This is absolutely ridiculous!  I have been placing my hope in my next accomplished weight loss.  But then what?  What happens after that?  Where will my satisfaction be?  In myself?  In my diet?  In my size?  In other peoples perception of me?

Samuel is old and gray.  Samuel placed his salvation in the One True God.  Samuel's life could withstand public scrutiny because he walked with God.  He trusted God.  He surrendered to God.  His salvation was in God!


330,000 Men Aid In Jabesh's Salvation
11:1  The men of Jabesh want to make a treaty with Nahash
11:2 Nahash will only make a treaty if he gouges out all of Jabesh's right eyes to disgrae Israel
11:3-5  Jabesh seeks respite throughout Israel.  Israel wept
11:6  Saul heard the weeping ans the Spirit of God rushed upon him and he became angry
11:7-9  Saul gathered Israel for battle... there were 330,000 men to aid in Jabesh's salvation
11:10-11  Jabesh told Nahash they would give themselves over to them... Saul gathered the 330,000 men and struck down the Ammorites.
  • Who do you know that is in need of ultimate salvation?
  • How can you aid in pointing them to Jesus?

Samuel's Life Could Withstand Public Scrutiny Because His Salvation Was In God
11:12-15  Israel went to Gilgal and renew the kingdom and make Saul their king
12:1-2  Samuel is old and gray
12:3-5  Samuel's life was a testimony of the great man of God that he was.  His life could withstand public scrutiny
12:6-12  Samuel reminds the people of Israel about all the times that God has delivered them, because God was their King
  • Is your salvation found in Jesus Christ?
  • How would your life hold up to public scrutiny?

Samuel Encourages Israel to Obey God Above Their Newly Appointed King
12:13  Samuel reminds Israel that THEY chose Saul to be their king
12:14-15  Samuel instructs them to obey God and it will be well for them.  If they rebel against God then the hand of God will come against them and their new king
12:16-19  Samuel prayed and God brought rain on their wheat harvest.  The people were afraid because they had asked for Saul to be their king
12:20-25  Samuel encouraged them to serve the Lord no matter what past sins they had done.  The Lord will not forsake His people.  Samuel encouraged Israel to serve God faithfully.
  • If you are already a follower of Jesus Christ, are you trying to find salvation in something other than Jesus, the King of kings?
  • How will you repent and start living differently?

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