Monday, October 2, 2017

Don't Be Foolish

Attempting to Solve Problems Without God's Help is Foolish

I was wearing an adult size 18 whenever I was in the 8th grade.  I would tell myself every summer that, "This is going to be the summer that I change."  I would start with high hopes and even higher expectations of what would transpire in the next 3 months, while I was away from my peers.  I would dream about:  how I would look, what I would do, and what they would say. I would wonder if the guys would finally notice me.  I would tell myself that if I fixed my problem (my weight) then my life would finally have value and worth.  The only problem with this plan... it wasn't God's best for me.  

I tried and tried to solve this problem without God's help.  It sent me down a path of perpetual dieting that left me tired, defeated and heavier than when I started.  I was jumping from one solution to the next in hopes of fixing my problem, without God's help.  I didn't know it at the time, but I was mad at God.  I felt like He had done a really poor job of creating my body and I could care less to have His help in fixing it.  I thought I could do a better job of changing my body then God had done creating it.

Looking back, I see how foolish these attempts have been to try to control my life.  By the grace of my great God, He is bringing healing, hope and solution to this problem of mine.  I'm trusting Him to change me.  I'm trusting Him to restore the years I spent chasing after this world's customs.  I am trusting that He will use my story to help someone else who is bound by similar chains.  

Check out how David and Saul foolishly attempted to solve their own problems.  

David & Saul Foolishly Attempt to Solve Their Problems

David, Foolishly Takes on the Customs of the Philistines
27:1  David is getting tired of running from Saul.  David becomes hopeless.
27:2  David "escapes" to the land of the Philistines with his 600 mighty men
27:3-7  Achish gave David land with the Philistines.  David and his mighty men lived with the Philistines for 1 year and 4 months.  The Philistines were not God's people.
27:8-11  David and his mighty men "raided and killed" the surrounding areas and left nothing behind.  This became David's custom.
27:12  Achish believed David would be his servant for life because of the awful way that David was living.
28:1-2  Achish wanted David to be his body guard for life!
  • How are you trying to escape your hopeless situation?
  • How are you foolishly taking on the customs of this world? 
Saul, Foolishly Attempts to Communicate with the Dead
28:3-4  Samuel had died and Saul was without someone who could communicate to God
28:5  Saul got scared whenever he saw the Philistine army
28:6  God would not communicate with Saul!
28:7  Saul began looking for a medium to communicate with the dead
28:8-11  Saul went to the Medium of En-dor and asked her to communicate with Samuel
28:12-16  The medium used demonic supernatural ability to create what appeared to be the resurrection of Samuel
28:17-19  God was not communicating with Saul because God had stopped communicating with Saul in Chapter 15:9 whenever Saul sinned against God
28:20-25  Saul was filled with fear and went away that very night
  • Where have you resorted to sin; in hopes of finding a solution to your problem? 
  • When will you repent?

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